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February 17, 2011

The big takeover by the Roman cult of crucifixion


May "The Lord" bless you with all the good things of "His understanding heart" that you are wishing for.
May he assure you of his love and may he carry on leading your soul and life in this spectacular manner.
I appreciate your personality with all its characteristics and the entirety of your works very very much.
You're like a really, really good drug, sir: totally thrilling, absolutely fascinating, and not free of undesirable side effects. I mean, you are such a trooper! If you only wouldn't preach like a son of a police chief ...
In this respect it's almost a selfish thing wishing you health and strength, mentally as well as bodily, which, nevertheless, I do. And I also hope for your happiness in privacy with your family and friends ...
"I'm gay. That's right. Brother Eric Jon Phelps is gaaayyyaey! I try to be. If I'm not happy and gay every day, my wife is gonna tell me all about: what's wrong with you?" No, I don't pray for it, I simply do wish you all the best, especially a growing number of interested listeners and attentive readers. That probably first and foremost, because I think, you deserve a lot more kudos for your outstanding bravery and your – yes! – adequate passionate, exemplary relentlessness in prosecuting the Jesuit Order at the top of the global Catholic Columbian Colossus.

But you always overlook something tremendously important, a very central "particular topic".
Let's see if I'm able to present it to you as some sort of birthday gift, as which it is honestly meant in the first place, although, you know, it is, of course, at the same time, the main reason why I keep myself apart from you.
Like you, I prefer public correspondences and I'm deeply thankful for this already today considerable amount of published emails of yours. In case you can't understand my idea, in case you miss the point I wanna make here now, please don't worry, more open letters will follow, this is just the beginning of a series in which I'll try to precise my own position compared to yours. It's also part of what I call "mapping out pieties" (in a concededly roughly way because it's just a new approach compared to conspiracism).

First I wanted to say: very good decision, Eric, Mr. Phelps, and very good executed, Nicklas, Greg and Tom. Actually, these are terrific news! Tom Freiss and then Greg impressed me the most.
I do agree with Nick's opinion that Tom shines when he has to articulate spontaneously.
And Will, I couldn't hear someone using a knife stabbing into Eric's back. As Eric once said himself:

"We are friends, we all sharpen us by correcting us if we are off point, especially not going after the Jesuit Order."

So that's the way it goes. By sharpening ourselves we are sharpening the sword which then will be stabbed into the back of Loyola's monstrous system of loyalty, his mysterious military monolith of blind obedience towards "one's gods", the superiors, respectively, "that tempered and razor-sharp sword" will then be used in the way Greg, Mr. Szymanski, has described two years ago:

"If you cut the head of that snake off at the top (@ 7 min), the rest of the organization is gonna fall."

And in my opinion he's absolutely right about the nature of the top as being the only thing worth putting in the crosshairs to finally initiate a mainstream learning process throughout all ranks and factions of our honorable civilization, poisoned and contaminated by Catholicism and its dried essence, Jesuitism.
A topic about which Josh Reeves ("it's not a pyramid, it's rather a tree") should take a lesson to extend his grasp:
A tree can't be monolithic – the inner structure of the corporate collective is definitely a military one, because those secret blood oaths in secret societies like Freemasonry or the Catholic Church aren't conspiracy folklore, they are as real as they are standard in secret services or the army. Mystery, military, money – the Knights of Jesus, the Jesuit agents of "The Secret Service of God", are first and foremost mystagoges (theologians, preachers, scientists, artists), then soldiers, and only then bankers, who even succeed in transforming especially the central section of financial business, the stock exchanges, into a mystery too.
And the mysticism within the legal system would immediately be the next question.

The gatekeepers in the conspiracist labyrinth, the corrupt disinformation artists, aren't able to do what Nicklas, Eric, Greg and Tom have courageously demonstrated by way of example on November 18, 2009, thus you can smoothly identify them, the (American) Papist traitors, about this particular behavior. But we can. This is our business! Being open-minded, investigating the most relevant themes and connections, learning passionately, becoming more and more coherently, plausibly, and confidently in our statements, while staying correctable.
A combination of an open-minded and unlimited investigative research effort with any kind of fundamentalism or fanaticism, especially a religious one, is a counterproductive partnership from the get-go and absolutely typical for every standpoint that could be characterized as a controlled controversist's attitude.
It's like a wound that's self-infecting and therefore a very bad idea. So, let's cut to the chase!

It may surprise you, Eric, but I don't have that much of a problem with that Big Bang in Bethlehem in which you are believing so wholeheartedly. I also don't have much problems with this Pagan-Christian duality in which you live, not even with your distinction not only between the mythical "Jesus Krishna", created by Constantine (05/14'08 @ 8 min – I'm working on the transcript), and the historical "Jesus of Nazareth" that Josephus speaks of, but also between the false flag "political hell" ("a hell that Romanism preaches as a means for the priest to control you"), so to speak, of the Romish religion and "the real deal" in form of "The Hell of the Scriptures".
Not to mention those many post-/ex-Catholic, Calvinist milestones such as "I am a puppet of Jesus" (sounds like a Jesuit in person) or "my mother is in hell" and so on and so forth. None of these text-based-religion-made specifications is capable of alienating me from you, Sir, because "Christ himself is a powerfully shamanic figure" and many Christians even had direct visible contact to him. Are you interested in what I am believing?
I believe for example that without our adventures at night, when we are sleeping and dreaming and never knowing at this moment that we are sleeping and dreaming, the idea of an individual afterlife in eternity would be that lively, you know, because our dream experiences are mostly significantly more intense, more immediate, more existential, if you will, than our daily life. Enough!

So, there must be something which appears to me much more important than your "Biblical" puritanism in itself, which you preach since your days at the Air Force Base in Germany (1972-77) ... 05/20'08 @ 19 min)

"I tell you my brethren, 'The Lord' is angry at us for taking foreign wifes, for taking wifes outside of our race. He is angry at you, white men, for taking wifes outside of your race. Why do you think he created your race in the first place? For the same reason he created the other races to keep mankind separate. You are violating his divine institution of the creation of the races by race mixing.
And that's what those damnable Jesuits in Hollywood with all their movies and all their commercials on their major corporations shuffle down our throats every day: race mix, race mix, race mix.
And if you don't race mix you are a bigot and you don't deserve to live!
I'll tell you this: the black men that I know, who love 'The Lord', they want nothing to do with the white woman. The two black men, I was stationed with in Germany for three years when I was overseas, they loved 'The Lord', they were southern black men, and they were men of honor. And when the savage blacks on the base wanted to do the () hand shake with them, they refused to do it: they shook hand straight on like a man. And so all my white friends [...] said, hey Eric, we like Chuck and Steve, they are decent men, but these other savage blacks in the army we can't stand them. I said, I understand completely. Chuck and Steve had respect among white men, among the NCOs and the officers on the base. They knew they weren't savage blacks. They worked hard – Chuck was one of the best engine mechanics that they had – but neither one of them would dare, would ever want to take a white woman, ever! [...]

There was another instance on the base, where there was a black woman. She was one of the prettiest women on the base. She was friendly, too. And she just happened to go out with a white guy one night. And three blacks jumped him and beat him half to death and nearly killed him.
And I was sorry that he got beaten up, but you know what? I understand it. He had no business with that pretty black woman – she was for some black man!
Because God has put it in all of our hearts to preserve our own race. And when we step across that line we're asking for trouble. We are asking for rejection from our own race. We are asking for problems, for children that had been born out of that union, and those mulattos can only identify with blacks and therefore, they are going to be pro-black and anti-white. I don't know of a mulatto yet that's pro-white, they are all pro-black. Hastening the destruction of the white race, the white culture and white language here in North America – high white English language."

@ 55 min) "America is being destroyed, is being africanized. Our culture is retrogressing. And one of the key reasons is because that we departed from 'The Word of God', and in 'The Word of God' we learn not to race mix. In 'The Word of God' we learn to keep to our own people. We shall respect and love in compassion and empathy for other peoples, but our first allegiance is to our own.
We must maintain our own white culture if Western civilization is to survive. This the Jesuits are undoing. The Jesuits are the big pushers of race mixing. All their major universities, Georgetown, Fordham, Marquette, all forcefully encouraging the race mixing between the whites and blacks, all the time the most important and influential Jesuits are white – they know what they're doing."

Let's keep that in mind.

Okay, so what is it? What could it be if not the critical Big Bang in Bethlehem, where "the Creator of all things" sent his (only) son, Superman Jesus, to his earthlings? What could be more crucial than that?
Here it comes, finally. Listen, dear birthday boy, what is indeed more important than the virgin "birth" and the three-days "death", is the Christianization of Europe. I didn't hear or read one single word about it, neither from you nor from any of your and Greg Szymanski's friends.
The term "christianization" itself doesn't surface in Vatican Assassins even once! I really think, you basically act as if the book about the Christian pantheon would have been the only one, you know, that was printed back then.
You act as if this spiritual, intellectual and then political liberation movement called Protestant Reformation had exclusively to do with one single book and not with so many about all things that matter.
And this decisive lack of awareness comes with huge ramifications in regard of nearly every social as well as personal subject. You seem to believe there was a God-given second Big Bang in Luther's Wittenberg where this unique revolution "in the minds of men" got started out of thin air, practically, with nothing else than a no longer hidden book, branded as "The Bible" by professionals in making people believe long time ago.

But if the clerics, the brotherhoods of the Roman ecclesiastical empire, haven't conquered Europe with "their" Jesus during centuries prior to the moment of the invention of the letterpress, do you think – in the words of Bill Hughes (@ 38 min) – "all the reformers [would have also] understood who Babylon The Great was", for example?

"Luther started the Reformation 1517 and about 30-35 years after that the Papacy was reeling.
They didn't know what to do because the Reformation was going like a lightning through Europe."

Do you think this "going like a lightning" would have been possible without the Christianization in the centuries before? Where to take all these Bible-believers so quickly?
You know, "The Word of God" hit Germany and especially the German Saxons first with the sword of Rome and the "things that started changing" then are described by high- and low-level Catholics as follows.

"Christianity as well as civilisation became conterminous with the Roman Empire.
To be a Roman was to be a Christian and this idea soon passed into the converse.
To be a Christian was to be a Roman."

James Bryce – barrister, politician, historian, regius professor of civil law and fellow of Trinity and Oriel Colleges, Oxford – in his book "The Holy Roman Empire", in 1864.

"Western culture is, above all else, Roman – and Christian Roman at that. This is so because it has been shaped and defined by Roman Catholicism, ruled by a Roman Emperor, guided by a Roman Pontiff and blessed by Roman rites in a Roman language. Even its enemies have been forced to recognise this. Our laws, our science, our culture, our art, our music, our literature, our scholarship, our primary institutions all derive from this Roman and Christian heritage.
The oldest rite of worship in the Christian Church is the classical, Roman rite, deriving, as it does, from the ancient Jewish Temple worship, perfected under Roman rule. It is theologically unsurpassed. It is a timeless love song to the Creator of all things. In a curious 'trahison des clercs', many today, even amongst the clergy, have forgotten this and so have become disconnected from their spiritual and cultural roots. It is perhaps time to recall and re-capture our traditions and to re-connect with them in a modern setting."

Thanks Tribunus, that's exactly how big "the conspiracy" is and also the main reason why it is that hard to understand, even more as "a conspiracy"! "Western culture is, above all else, Roman – and Christian Roman at that." This makes it so difficult for conspiracy theorists wrapping their heads around "a conspiracy" which is as big as the entire own culture, as big as the entire own "civilization", especially by this term "conspiracy" and its associated vocabulary that isn't supposed to shoulder such mighty nexuses, which then again of course is also the reason why a controlled Conspiracy Mainstream (made possibly through "9/11") isn't dangerous at all for the Jesuit Provincials at the top, "the head of the snake".
And Greg is right again by stating that the Jesuit issue "is probably the most difficult one".
Nevertheless, Terence McKenna, one of the most adventurous minds that I know of, said it loud and clear:

"Culture is not your friend!"

And Catholicism is nothing else than the old pharaohesque power grip of the Ancient Egyptian(/Babylonian) priesthood. And almost everyone, and alumni the most, want to take up a position as high as possible in the bureaucratic hierarchies under the corporative Shepherd's Fold (of the Papal Knights of Jesus), want to be part of "The System" ("of God"). The Roman Reich slipped into the Church like in a coat, ran over Europe and the world in this disguising while creating and establishing all kinds of control systems – that's why state is the continuation of church by other means – and is now going to bring forward its "universal city of God", finally.

There would be a lot more to say and to clarify, really a lot. I am for instance very aware of the fact that we quite likely wouldn't have this phenomenon Phelps, this extraordinary appearance that I love and deeply respect without the backing through Calvinist convictions. I mean, the dauntlessness alone to even think of what you have dared to make a start on, Eric – it's completely amazing in my eyes! So the discussion about these questions appears to me as being extremely complicated and very delicate as well as crucial and highly exciting.
I can't go along with such – let's name it – a "tunnel vision" on one book made solely responsible for Western civilization and culture, because if you as, without question, biggest contributor so far to the anti-blind-obedience project, the non-collectivist, non-conformist, non-catholic (with its 3 meanings) coalition, cannot bring up the right feeling for the spirit of the printing press, how can I expect you would develop a sixth sense for the special power concealed within the Computerweb, you see? I have to find out if this is just a mistake or something else.

I think, Germany started to prosper with many books and the public in general, that came into existence back then for the very first time, becomes now visible and fully accessible for the very first time, and that world wide.
Wishing you some funny days to get away with the new number a little more comfortably ...
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Wherever the Jesuits have a hand in, they rule

Eric Jon Phelps lopo
Greg Szymanski lopo

03/27'09 Eric Phelps on The Investigative Journal with Greg Szymanski

@ 6 min – Eric) The mulatto Barry Davis alias Barack Hussein Obama was groomed by the Jesuits through the Ford Foundation for many years, remember his mother had worked for the Ford Foundation, just like Timothy Geithner's father had worked for the Ford Foundation. So he had been groomed for this for years and by the way, Frank Marshall had been the tutor of Barry Soetoro in Hawaii for some ten years.
So Barry knows exactly who his father is and who tutored him for all those years.
And so does Barry's grandmother who is now deceased. But Barry was then, when he went to Columbia University in New York in 1981 or so, recruited by Zbigniew Brzezinski. Zbigniew Brzezinski is a Polish Roman Catholic, Knight of Malta, devotee to the Pope, Trilaterist, Bilderberger, you name it. He is one of the most evil wicked men right up there with Henry Kissinger, one of the pope's "court Jews".
Remember also that Zbigniew Brzezinski was the one who mentored Pol Pot, the mass murderer in Cambodia. So this same Zbigniew Brzezinski then recommended to Barry Soetoro that he changed his name to Barack Hussein Obama.
And so this is what happens: For the two years at the Columbia University this is what he's known as. And he goes on to Harvard and is known by that name. And then, after he graduates from Harvard, he goes to work in Chicago, and Webster Tarpley, even though I consider Webster to be a devotee of the Pope, just like Lyndon LaRouche and that entire LaRouche-Right-Fascist movement, Webster Tarpley did come out and exposed some wonderful things about Barack Obama in his book on Obama.
And one of the things that I discovered he said was that Obama or Barry Davis was working for the Gamaliel Foundation in Chicago, and the Gamaliel Foundation was subordinate to the Ford Foundation. And remember, the Ford Foundation finances everything the Jesuits want to do.

Henry Ford was the most devoted episcopalian secret Roman Catholic and his son Henry Ford II became an open Roman Catholic and married into the McDonnell family. So this Barry Davis in working for the Gamaliel Foundation is overseen by "ex-Jesuit" priest named
Greg Galluzzo.
So here you have Jesuits openly backing him and tutoring him: well, he is in the Gamaliel Foundation.
And from there he makes his break into politics, and then ultimately a US senator, and then ultimately the president. And as I have on my website Obama's White Papal Masters, you see the whole charge from the Black Pope, the White Pope to Cardinal Egan, all the way down to the Jesuits at Fordham, the Jesuit provincial of the New York province, all the way down to Obama and Obama's mentor.
His alter ego is nobody other than Joseph Biden who has two honorary degrees from the Jesuits, one from Scranton University and the other from St. Joseph's University in Philadelphia.
So Obama is completely overseen by the Jesuits but he's very careful to pick certain court Jews around him to make it look that his administration is Jewish and Communist.
Jews like David Axelrod who orchestrated his campaign, Jews like Rahm Emanuel, and Jews like Ben Bernanke, the head of the Federal Reserve. So he's making sure he has a strong Jewish presence, so the Jews can be blamed for what he's doing when, in fact, it's the Jesuits that are really behind him.

Greg) Now, a couple of things here that I wanted you to explain to our listeners.
When you mentioned that about Webster Tarpley, why do you think they operate in this manner?
You know, I feel the same way about him because he has left some really tell-tale signs that he is a Vaticanite:
First, his interpretation of the Gunpowder Plot. Secondly, why do they do this?
Why do they bring people into this arena of truth like him telling you these truths about Obama but never going all the way? What's their motif, so people understand this and can be alerted to how these disinformation artists, others more blatant like Alex Jones and John Stadtmiller, how do they really operate?
Well, their purpose, I believe, as being under orders that they are, is to tell a certain amount of truth but then when it comes to the question: who done it?, who's really behind it?, who rules?, they divert the person away from the men of power into another area that is subordinate to those men of power. And say, for example, Alex Jones – what is he do? He blames the Bilderbergers: 'It's the Bilderbergers at the apex of power.'
Well, there is no doubt that the Bilderbergers are right up there, but who runs the Bilderbergers?

You have the Knights of Malta, you have the Dames of Malta. The Queen of England – she's a Dame of Malta. And you have one of the founders of the Bilderbergers, Joseph Retinger, who was in fact a Jesuit and a high-level Freemason. I believe, John Coleman is correct when he says that. You have this Jesuit-Papal Knight of Malta connection, Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands was a Knight of Malta! So they never make the Knight of Malta-Jesuit connection to the Bilderbergers and it's done deliberately.
The next thing, you have Webster Tarpley, for example, what is he do? He blames everything on the Anglo-American establishment, just like Carroll Quigley did in his book Tragedy and Hope.
Well, there is no question the Anglo-American establishment is running everything – I call it the Pope's white power structure – but this the Anglo-American establishment is all run by the Jesuits.
In England through Chatham House or the Royal Institute for International Affairs (RIIA) and here in America through the CFR and the Trilateral Commission. And when you have men in the CFR and Trilateral Commission like Knight of Malta Alexander Haig and other powerful Knights of Malta, and you have a Jesuit – one of the most powerful Jesuits in this country Joseph A. O'Hare, who was the former President of Fordham University – he is a presider in the the Council on Foreign Relations.
Wherever the Jesuits are, wherever they have a hand in anything, they rule.
And so this is why these men do not go after them, they only say the Anglo-American establishment or the Bilderbergers, but they will never take it home – they'll never hear the homerun – and take it right to the Pope and the Black Pope.

Greg) When you mentioned that name O'Hare, I think that's one people should research, because he is a guy that you need to put up there kind of in the category maybe the modern day Edmund Walsh, who was the Jesuit from Georgetown who brokered the deal between Stalin and FDR, and was working behind the scenes to put together World War II, and actually was the man sent to Nuremberg to control the judges there and to white-wash the Nuremberg Trials. So I think, he is a man you should put up in the list and start researching heavily O'Hare.
Eric) Absolutely.
And O'Hare was critical in putting Michael Bloomberg in power as Mayor of New York City, so it looks like 'The Jews run New York City'.
But he would have gotten nowhere, had it not been before over O'Hare.
@ 23 min) What we are going through now, Greg, is a firesale. This country is being sold off. Everything.
And so with this firesale they're also now infusing all this cash to make this firesale possible by these banks.
But in the end you have an inflated currency that's worthless and it justifies the conversion to the Amero to save the economy, to restore jobs.

A one-world currency "under the laws of the land …" Timothy Geithner

As goes the church, so goes the government

@ 30 min – Greg) I'm gonna use a slight story that seems kind of my nude but I think, it exemplifies how these people operate. Eric and I both knew a gentleman by the name of Leo Zagami. I introduced him to America, believed in what he was saying, and when he came forward and said, he was now a Grandmaster of the good side of the Illuminati on his initial trip to America albeit a year ago, I immediately disassociated with him.
I told people that I had made a mistake about this man although I brought him on the air many many times.
Eric did as well. We talked together on many shows, and we found that he was another Jesuit traitor. He has sealed the deal with a recent announcement that he is now the prophet of a new religion called Matrixism, and I said, it's become a left wing matter. But it shows you exactly how this organization operates, doesn't it Eric?
Eric) That's exactly correct.
Greg) Wasn't that amazing?
I just want to get your comment about him making that announcement. I'm sure you heard this.
I heard that, I also heard the noise on that mental institution, the Benedictine mental institution ... That's from a gentleman in Italy who is a Noble over there. He emailed me and told me. But this whole issue of Matrixism ... Well, if you read the Jesuit Fourth Vow it talks about the Matrix, the Mary, the mother of God.
This is female genitalia, okay? So it's really in its heart of heart Marian worship which is Isis worship out of which comes Horus, the coming Antichrist, the coming murder who is a Pope.
So even though he may have changed the title, it's still the same essential Babylonian religion.

Greg) Exactly. I wanted to move forward with other things. You grew up wanting to become a pastor, you went to Bible college. Tell us what you learned there, briefly, cause I believe it's important. Many listeners may not realize this. And how this began to alert you to this false unity with the beast that revelations in the Book of Revelation warns us about. How the Jesuits were instrumental in infiltrating our Protestant churches, and how they basically have led people away in the Bible here, in a subtle way so to speak. They changed bibles. They infiltrated churches. Making people believe, just like they make you belief you have a government that represents you. They make you belief, you have pastors that represent you when, in fact, they're just another Roman Catholic organization being called something else. Go ahead!

Eric) That's right. The grand design of the Jesuit Order in the overthrow what once was White Anglo-Saxon Protestant () civilization which included England, Northern Europe, Australia, North America [...]
They had to replace the Reformation Bible that is founded upon the Greek Text a.k.a. the Textus receptus or the Byzantine Text, the text of the Byzantine Empire, or it's called the Majority Text, or the Received Text.
And they have to overthrow that underlying Greek text which represents 95% of all existing Greek manuscripts.
They had to overthrow it in favor of a new, secretly put together Greek Text that would favor Gerome's Latin Vulgate. Because according to the Council of Trent, the Gerome's Latin Vulgate is the scriptures, not the Greek scriptures, and not the Hebrew Masoretic Text.
So therefore, what they did was, they had a secret committee in England with a revision committee for around 1871-1881, where they changed, where they had a secret Greek text, brought it to this committee, that had been changed from the Received Text in 5.788 places. Based upon this corrupted pro-Gerome Latin Vulgate Latin Greek Text, they then proceeded to alter and chop up the () 1611 Bible in its present edition of 1769, and they changed the Reformation Bible in over 30.000 places. So, what they came out with was the English revised version that then later in America would be the American standard version.

With these perverted Bibles, the Jesuits knew they could overthrow the Reformation in England which was the center really of the Reformation, and then the Reformation in America.
So that's what they have done. And every Bible college that I know of, except a couple, they all use a corrupted pro-Gerome Latin Vulgate Greek Text that they give to all their pastors. And they say, we use the King James, but this very Greek text is not the foundation for the King James, so they're going off to the NIV and the NASB and all the new corrupted Internationalists' bibles that are pro-Gerome's Latin Vulgate, and thus pro-Jesuit, pro-Council of Trent, anti-Reformation, pro-Counter Reformation.
So when you inject that poison into the once Protestant and Baptist churches, they can not help but all join ultimately in some form of fashion the ecumenical movement via the World Council of Churches and the National Council of Churches, or even saying that the papacy is a Christian church which it is not, which ultimately then destroys that once a Biblical institution.
And as goes the church, so goes the government. And that's why our government is gonna the hell in the hand basket, is because the church is gonna the hell in the hand basket. [...]

Greg) Right, and this not only to the Protestant world, but when we look at the Mormon world which they considered to be to themselves the fastest growing religion in the world, you will see that on most businesses that are Mormon, or in their homes, they have a Book of Mormon, and with it they have a King James Bible.
And I asked a question, I said, well, this kind of contradicts what's going on in the Mormon world if you understand what they're all about, and I asked somebody – a former Mormon – about this, and he said, well, of course you know, they took the 1611 Bible, they took the King James Bible cause it didn't have a copyright, and they put in footnotes, and basically altered the King James Bible to suit the Book of Mormon. So there you see it in the Mormon world: the doctoring of the word of God. Correct?
Eric) Absolutely.
And if you check out their early Mormon origins, you'll find it's masonic.
You'll find Joseph Smith was a mason. You'll find Brigham Young was a mason.

Remember, the Jesuit Order controls all the religions through masonry. And when Brigham Young was going west, when he was leaving Illinois, they stopped at Cedar Bluff in Iowa, and there Brigham Young met the most powerful American Jesuit in the West for instructions, and that Jesuit was Pierre De Smet.

Vatican Assassins, ch. 13) American Jesuit Peter De Smet (1801–1873) – personal friend of Mormon Freemason Brigham Young, architect of the Fourteenth Amendment American Empire, agitator behind the Sioux massacring White Northern Protestants, advisor of General Sheridan's murderous Indian Wars of the Great Plains
The Temple and the Lodge by Michael Baigent & Richard Leigh (1989) p. 259
The Jesuits of the Middle United States by Gilbert J. Garraghan SJ (1938) Vol. III, p. 90

A quote from the past regarding the 'Twin Pincers' of Jesuitism and Freemasonry, ruling the Devil's 'Invisible Empire', is most appropriate for today:

(The Pope, or Sovereign Pontiff, is the Pontifex Maximus, or the Jupiter of pagan Rome, and represents the god of Romanism, while the Worshipful Master is the personification of Hiram Abiff, or Osiris, or Baal, which was the name of Jupiter in Egypt and Phoenicia, whence the Masonic philosophy has come, and is the representative of the god of Masonry.
But as every worshipper of the Romish god must reveal or confess to the priest, who alone is to be the custodian of all secrets, while every worshipper of the Masonic god must conceal and never reveal, but must himself be the keeper of all secrets, and is therefore exalted above the priest, both systems cannot harmonize, and hence the bitter antagonism which arose between them in 1738.
But notwithstanding this apparently wide gulf thus separating these two terrible powers of despotism and falsehood for the present, yet, should an emergency ever arise
when it would become necessary for men to array themselves on the side of righteousness and to defend the pure principles of gospel truth and the full freedom of an open Bible, untrammelled either by Jesuit cunning or lodge duplicity), it is very greatly to be feared that forgetting their petty differences for the time being, both Romanism and Freemasonry would make common cause and stand shoulder to shoulder, the very embodiment of the works of darkness [...] as two such terrible systems united would be well-nigh irresistible.

The Master's Carpet or Masonry & Baal-Worship Identical by Edmond Ronayne (1832) p. 147

@ 42min – Greg) Yeah, I mean, it's just astounding. And when you look at the spiritual aspect of this, you see what they've done. So we've seen that the Jesuits have infiltrated the Bible and the Protestant world in a subtle way, so to speak. But then they have created these two massive religions with their books, the Koran and the Book of Mormon, which directly attacked the Bible when you start reading these books. Correct?
Eric) Absolutely. And we have – remember! – the other parallels between Mohammed and Joseph Smith.
They were both men of war, both founding a religion to the benefit of the Papacy, and ultimately now both those religions controlled by high-level Freemasonry, just as Albert Pike wrote in his Morals and Dogma where they would unite all religions together in the Freemasonry.

Greg) I wrote an article on my website called What is a Cult? [...]
If you look at what they've done, is, they're claiming that fringe Christian groups, who study the Bible, are "cults". But when you look at the definition of a cult, you'll find that it better describes the Vatican, the Mormon church and Islam. And I've got the definition on my website and () to back that up. So again, we see the Vatican and these people charging good Bible-believing Christians with that word "cult" to set in the minds of people, that these are fundamentalist people who are lacking their scrupels, because they follow the Bible and the world of God, and these people shouldn't be trusted, in fact, they should be locked away! Like they locked away certain Christian groups in this country over the years. I find that to be quite interesting, don't you? How they turn this around? Basically, they're calling me and you, and anybody who listens to your show or my show, a cult, right?
That's correct. And we also have to remember one of the greatest marks of a cult: it takes its own writings, and puts it on an equal level with the Bible. That's what the Papacy has done! They've taken the traditions of the fathers into Canon Law, and put it on an equal level with the Bible. That's what Mormonism has done! They've taken [...] the Book of Mormon, and they put that on an equal level with the Bible. That's what the Jews have done! They've taken the Talmud, and they put it on an equal level with the Bible. So, anybody who does this, is a cult, and the greatest cult of all is that Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the Earth, Romanism. And Romanism also had a hand in the creation of the Talmud – something we might be able to deal with that, as we shall show how it had helped create Islam, it had helped create the Talmud. We shall parallel some of the maxims of the Talmud with Canon Law, we'll find their identical. Just like in the Koran.